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Pro VCL Extensions Library:

Version 1.86  (14-Mar-2005)
Added compatibility with Borland Delphi 2005.

Version 1.85  (24-Mar-2003)
Added support of Traditional Chinese language. Traditional Chinese translation by James Jeng <james@leberger.com.tw>, http://www.unicotec.com.

Version 1.84  (14-Oct-2002)
Added compatibility with Borland Delphi 7.

Version 1.83  (26-Jun-2002)
Added compatibility with Borland C++Builder 6.

Version 1.82  (10-Dec-2001)
Add special package ProDsgn60P.dpk for using with Delphi 6 Personal Edition. This package doesn't contain DB-aware components.
Added new TProComboBox component. It's a descendant of standard TComboBox component which has ItemIndex property published.
Added DefaultFontName routine (ProVCL unit).
Bugs fixes:
Fixed annoying bug in TIntegerList.Add and TFloatList.Add methods.
Fixed syntax error in ProLibDB30.dpk.

Version 1.81  (16-Jul-2001)
Added compatibility with Borland Delphi 6.
Added ProDBUtl unit (This unit doesn't work in Delphi 1.0).
Added C++Builder version of Demo project (tested under C++Builder 5). Translation to C++ by Victor Villarrubia <willarrubia@airtel.net>, http://www.wbuilder.f2s.es.
Added support of Korean language. Korean translation by Van Cheju <vancheju@hotmail.com>.
Design-time packages ProDclXX.XXX were renamed to ProDsgnXX.XXX.
Fixed an application icon bug caused by ProDlg unit.

Version 1.80  (25-Mar-2001)
Added TProLabelEdit and TProDBLabelEdit components.
Added FontInstalled and FontTahomaInstalled routines (ProVCL unit).
MakeInt routine was renamed to MakeSmallInt (ProUtils unit).
Bugs fixes:
Fixed annoying bug in ReadLn method of TProFileStream class (ProUtils unit).

Version 1.74  (29-Nov-2000)
Fixed problem with showing of TProPasswordDialog and TProLoginDialog components in different screen resolutions.

Version 1.73  (27-Nov-2000)
New design of forms for TProPasswordDialog and TProLoginDialog components.

Version 1.72  (21-Aug-2000)
Corrected section "Installing the Pro VCL Extensions Library" in Readme.txt file for Delphi 5 and C++Builder 5.
Changed the demo program to illustrate how to use TProConfirmDialog.

Version 1.71  (1-May-2000)
Added compatibility with Borland C++Builder 5.

Version 1.70  (3-Apr-2000)
All TProXXXDialog components:
Added SoundType property. This property allows to play sound before showing dialog. Added by Cumhur Semin <freeman35@pmail.net>.
Added OpenURL routine (ProVCL unit).

Version 1.62  (8-Jan-2000)
Added support of Slovak language. Slovak translation by Roland Turcan <rolo@sedas.sk>.

Version 1.61  (8-Nov-1999)
Added support of Hungarian language. Hungarian translation by Gabor Szucs <szucs_sw@mail.inext.hu>.
Added support of Turkish language. Turkish translation by Cumhur Semin <freeman35@pmail.net>.

Version 1.60  (4-Oct-1999)
Added support of Polish language. Polish translation by BofAG <_barrel@friko5.onet.pl>, http://friko5.onet.pl/by/_barrel/.
Added new TProStatusBar component. Unlike standard TStatusBar this component can accept other controls.
Optimized code of ExchangeBytes, ExchangeWords and ExchangeLongInts routines. Optimized by DSnake.

Version 1.51  (19-July-1999)
Added support of Dutch language. Dutch translation by Karel Scholten <karel@hesp.demon.nl>
TProCalcDialog component:
Fixed old bug which appeared when the result of an operation had more than 15 numbers. Fixed by Alberto Perez <alberto19@bitmailer.net>;
Added emulation of pressing buttons when keyboard is used (idea by BofAG).
Added new properties TProUrlLabel.HoveredColor and TProUrlLabel.CanHover. These properties make TProUrlLabel work similar as links in the IE4+ - it can use hover color and comes underlined when user moves cursor over the control. Added by BofAG <_barrel@friko5.onet.pl>, http://friko5.onet.pl/by/_barrel/.

Version 1.50  (4-June-1999)
Changed the demo program.
Removed TProToolBar component.

Version 1.42  (1-June-1999)
Added support of Swedish language. Swedish translation by Bengt Nilsson <bengan.nilsson@telia.com>.

Version 1.41  (26-Apr-1999)
Bugs fixes.

Version 1.40  (12-Apr-1999)
Added compatibility with Borland C++Builder 4.
TProPasswordDialog.Password, TProLoginDialog.UserName and TProLoginDialog.Password properties are not "readonly" any more. Now they can be set to any value before calling Execute method to initialize corresponding edit fields in these dialogs.
Bugs fixes:
TProColorGrid component now is correctly created in runtime;
Picture in TProConfirmDialog, TProWarningDialog, TProInfoDialog and TProStopDialog components now has a transparent background under Delphi 3 and higher and C++Builder 3 and higher.
Added support of Italian language. Italian translation by Mauro Batini <m.batini@sistinf.it>

Version 1.31  (10-Mar-1999)
Added support of Danish language. Danish translation by Claus Svalekjaer <claus_svalekjaer@hotmail.com>, http://svalekjaer.frip.dk.

Version 1.30  (10-Jan-1999)
New component:
New procedures:
Added new highlight effect and new label styles in TProCustomLabel, TProLabel, TProClockLabel, TProUrlLabel and TProDBText components.
Run-time package ProLibXX.dpk was separated into two run-time packages: ProLibXX.dpk (with all non-data-aware components) and ProLibDBXX.dpk (with data-aware components).
Since this release the installation program is a 32-bit application.

Version 1.24  (25-Nov-1998)
Bugs fixes:
TProButton now correctly works when Kind = pbkCloseEsp;
TProCalcDialog now correctly works when Language = dlSpanish.
Added support of German language. German translation by Wolfgang Matsche <dasawm@cbn.net.id>.

Version 1.23  (10-Nov-1998)
Added TProCalcDialog.Value property.
Added support of Spanish language. Spanish translation by IvAn Diniz Collazo <ivan.diniz@correo.nu>.

Version 1.22  (20-Oct-1998)
Added support of Portuguese language. Portuguese translation by Aldo Caetano <aldo@vipclinic.com>, http://members.xoom.com/intelectus.

Version 1.21  (22-Sep-1998)
Bugs fixes.

Version 1.20  (20-Sep-1998)
New components:
Added "Test..." item to standard TXXXDialog component editors.
Added support of French language. French translation by Thierry Boulestin <thierry.boulestin@wanadoo.fr>.
Run-time packages ProCmpXX.dpk were renamed to ProLibXX.dpk.
Added an installation program.

Version 1.10  (28-Aug-1998)
Design-time package ProComps.dpk was separated into run-time packages ProCmpXX.dpk and design-time packages ProDclXX.dpk.
Added "Test..." item to TProXXXDialog component editors.
Bugs fixes:
TProButton.Kind property now can be set to pbkNextXXX;
ProCalc.dfm, ProAbout.dfm, ProTblEd.dfm and demo project now is compatibile with Delphi 1.0.
Corrected the installation manual.

Version 1.01  (18-Aug-1998)
Bugs fixes.

Version 1.0  (11-Aug-1998)
First release.

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