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Pro VCL Extensions Library:
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This is home site of Pro VCL Extensions Library


DGB Delphi/BCB Tweaker
DGB FConvert
DGB PasToInt


Extensions Library
DGB Delphi/BCB Tweaker
DGB FConvert
DGB PasToInt


Delphi & C++Builder:
Embarcadero Home Page
Delphi Stuff
Delphi Libraires
Delphi Personal Pages
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Useful Software

WinOrganizer: personal organizer software


UtilMind Solutions

Delphi and C++Builder Links

Here you can find useful Delphi and C++Builder related links.

Embarcadero Home Page

Embarcadero home page.

Embarcadero Delphi Home Page
Embarcadero Delphi home page.

Embarcadero C++Builder Home Page
Embarcadero C++Builder home page.

Embarcadero RAD Studio Page
Embarcadero C++Builder home page.

Embarcadero Community
News, blogs, articles, forums, etc.

Delphi Stuff

Torry's Delphi Pages Torry's Delphi Pages
A lot of components, tools, applications, etc. I think it's the best stuff site.

Delphi Super Page (Warsaw, Poland)
A lot of components, tools and applications. Very good site.

DelphiCity DelphiCity
A lot of components, tools and applications.

Delphi Pages
A lot of components, tools and applications.

DelphiX / Delphi Deli (Delphi Developers Source of Information)
A lot of components, tools and applications.

The Delphi Yellow Pages
A lot of components, tools and applications.

Componens, resources, information, etc.

Delphi news and information. A lot of links to Delphi resources.

Delphi / InterBase WebLog
Delphi and InterBase news and articles.

Richey's Delphi-Box Richey's Delphi-Box
Many Delphi related links, applications by author (INF-Tool - the special setup software, cool screensavers, etc.) and full collection of "Powered By Delphi" images.

Code News Fast
Makes it easy to find programming information and answers to tough Delphi questions. Updated daily, the site archives the full text of almost 200 programming newsgroups and already has more than 340,000 articles. Use it for quick full text searches and read articles conveniently.

Delphi Prefix Registry by Code News Fast.

Delphi Companion (by Dirk Brouwer, Holland)
Articles, FAQ, tips, books, database stuff.

The Delphi Bug Lists
Lists of all Delphi bugs.

efg's Computer Lab
Reference library and mostly Delphi projects: Graphics, Image Processing, Mathematics, Fractals, Chaos, etc.

Kyle Cordes's Software Site
BDE and Midas Alternatives Guides.

UDDF (Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ)
Huge collection of code snippets, ideas, tips and tricks.

Delphi Programming Tips
A lot of Delphi programming tips.

A lot of Delphi programming tips.

Products Built With Delphi
The list of products built with Delphi.

Programmers Heaven
The Internet's complete source of free downloadable programming files, source codes, utilities, Delphi, C/C++, Java, and other tools for programmers and developers. Here you will find over 10000 files and 2500 links organized in an easy-to-find format.

Inprise Partner in the Netherlands. Selling products, trainings, a free helpdesk and a knowledgebase online.

Delphi Libraries

Project JEDI
The Delphi API Library.

JCL is an opensource library and consists of a set of thoroughly tested and fully documented utility functions and non-visual classes. It is built upon code donated from the JEDI community. Strongly recommended.

JVCL is an opensource library and consists of a set of visual components. Like JCL, it is built upon code donated from the JEDI community. Strongly recommended.

RX Library
Every Delphi/C++Builder developer must have this library! Now it is a part of JVCL.

FlatStyle library.

None-visual component that changes the visual aspects of menus, toolbars and many other controls to nearly the same look and feel of MS Office XP.

KOL & XCL Page
KOL and XCL Library.

Mike Lischke Home Page
GraphicEx and Virtual Treeview.

AnSo @ Web
TRegExpr library.

Zeos Library
Several DB-aware libraries.

Home site of set of very good experts for Delphi.

Home site of another set of very good experts for Delphi.

IBObjects library.

The technology of direct access to FireBird/InterBase database server for Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder.

FIBPlus User's Centre
This resource is devoted to FIBPlus. Announcements, news, interesting resources.

Delphi Personal Sites

Sergey Orlik's Home Page
The home site of eXpert Development Kit, Composite Components Pack, etc.

Tribute to Delphi (by Alex Fedorov)
A lot of useful code examples from exlusive editor of Russian edition of "ComputerPress".

Charlie Calvert's Website
Home page of the author of "Delphi Unleashed" and "C++Builder Unleashed" books.

Ray Lischner
Delphi Open Tools API.

Jordan Russell's Software Page
Home site of Toolbar97 and InnoSetup.

Delphi Free Stuff (by Brad Stowers)
Many freeware components, experts, tools, Delphi bug list, etc.

Athenas's Home (by Alex Abreu)
Many freeware and shareware components, experts, tools, etc.

Eric W. Engler's Home Page
Home page of DelphiZIP, TPrintGrid, etc.

Anders Melander's Virtual Home on the Net
GIFImage and other components by author, links, etc.

Andreas Horstemeier's Home Page
TStringAlignGrid and other components by author, links, etc.

Homepage of Max Belugin
Home page of compiler components by author.

Alex Home Page
Home page of Alex Ghost Library.


UtilMind Solutions UtilMind Solutions
High-quality software for Windows and Unix, Delphi and C++ Builder components, Perl CGI Scripts and much more...

Jazarsoft Jazarsoft
A lot of interesting Delphi components, ActiveX components, software.

QuSoft AS
Home site of QuickReport library.

Home site of TeeChart library.

NetMasters home site.

Raize Software Solution
Home site of Raize Components library. Also this site contains updates to "Developing Custom Delphi Components" - great book by Ray Konopka. (In my humble opinion, it's the best Delphi related book.)

LMD Innovative
Home site of LMD Tools library. (In my humble opinion, LMD Tools is the best component library for Delphi.)

TurboPower Software
Great commercial libraries for Delphi and C++Builder: Orpheus, Async Professional, SysTools, etc.

Plasmatech Software Design
Plasmatech Software Design specialises in Windows 95/NT components and tools for Delphi and C++Builder developers. Home site of Shell Control Pack, Structured Storage Library and Installation Packager.

Official home site of AnimatedMenus/2000.

Developer Express Inc.
Home site of ExpressBars, ExpressFlowChart, ExpressOrgChart, ExpressDBTree, ExpressInspector, ExpressDateEdit libraries.

AHM Triton Tools (by Alexander Mehlhorn)
This site is the home of over one of the biggest collection of components currently available on the Internet for all your development needs. There are freeware and shareware components.

Adrock Software
A lot of useful components, links and many more.

Opaque Software
Custom controls and components for Visual Basic, Delphi and C++Builder.

TMS Software Delphi Components
This page is intended to provide the latest versions of components available from TMS software.

Eagle Software
Home site of CDK, reAct and CodeRUSH. CodeRUSH is a Delphi IDE extension. When installed, it transforms the Delphi code editor into a high-end development system that allows you to write code faster than ever before.

Merlin is a wizard manager for Delphi and C++Builder, which also comes with an extensive collection of prebuilt wizards/experts.

Dream Company
Components and tools for Delphi and C++Builder developers.

Home site of CoolMenu component library.

Vladimir Gaitanoff Delphi Page
Home page of VG Library.

Build your reports from Delphi with Word or Excel.

Epsylon Technologies (Demo-Center Borland)
Home site of software development company from Russia.

C++Builder Sites

The Bits
A lot of components, tools and applications.

The Unofficial C++Builder Site (by Dennis Mattison)
A lot of components, tools and applications.

BCBDEV.COM (by Harold Howe)
Articles, a lot of tips, etc.


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